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B2B Waste Treatment Equipments

Basically, GWT offers 2 main types of food wastes recycling machines namely the Digester and the Composter. The Digester and the Composter are categorized as the ‘Wet System’ and ‘Dry System’ respectively.

A Digester simply converts the food wastes into sludge/wastewater and discharges it into a common sewage system while the food wastes in a Composter is converted into compost or fertilizer for gardening or agricultural purposes.

We can customize the machine size to meet your specific requirements based on the average amount of food that is discarded on a daily basis. 

All our machines come equipped with the following features and functions;

  1. Robust & Durable – made 100% of stainless steel

  2. Reliable - built in with safety features to prevent overloading

  3. Data Logger – real-time monitoring of actual food wastes processed

  4. IIOT – web monitoring of any malfunctions or breakdown during operation

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